315 Acres of Top Quality Farmland w/ Full Pattern Tile System

List Price: $4,000,000

Contact: Johnny Klemme (765) 427-1619

Highly Productive Indiana Farm that is fully pattern tiled in West Central, Indiana!

Located in Benton County, Indiana, this farm is very near State Road 55 in Oak Grove Township.

Surety Soil WAPI 157.3

High ROI Cash Rent Rate

Ideal for 1031 Investment

Land Features

High Productiving & Full Pattern Tile System

  • Excellent Drainage & Outlets
  • 15″ DW Main Tile

Mains & Laterals

  • 3,300′ of 15”
  • 2405’ of 12”
  • 440’ of 10”
  • 1,390’ of 8”
  • 2,640’ of 6”
  • 345,000’ of 4”

4” – Centers every 40 feet! 

Location / GPS Coordinates

Oak Grove Township, 37-24-4

W1/2 EXC RY LAND 32-24-07


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Tax Information
Tax Year Spring Fall
2016 PAY 2017 3430.57 3430.57
OAK GROVE 3430.57 3430.57
2015 PAY 2016 3955.90 3955.90
OAK GROVE 3528.15 3528.15
HV BROWN DITCH M 427.75 427.75

Pattern Tile System Farms | Best in Productivity & Cash Rent Return on Investment 

The economics of pattern tile drainage pay in higher returns and higher yields, year over year. Farmland with subsurface tile improvements give the investor a higher cash rent rate opportunity as corn and soybean yields are higher and more consistent.

Whether you are investing in farm real estate with a 1031 exchange or seeking to diversify your land portfolio, pattern tile system farms allow the farm tenant to plant earlier in the Spring and often have better harvesting conditions. During the growing season, corn and soybean crops benefit from a stronger plant stand, less plant stress, fewer plant diseases and less soil compaction. Ag drainage  provides significant upside to long term passive income. Investing in farms with pattern tile are a safe, hard asset.